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In 2018, my son Lincoln, (a.k.a.) Linc, turned 18 and opened our eyes to the world of adults on the Autism Spectrum. Did you know that 80% of adults with Autism are unemployed? I’m not ok with that statistic!

Here is a tricky thing about employment for Lincoln. He doesn’t like to talk. He doesn’t like loud sounds, bright lights, and being put in situations that overwhelm him. Some days he just wants to draw all day in his pajamas. Let’s be honest, those are not necessarily strengths to put on your resume.

The reality is that Lincoln does not have a lot of employment opportunities. There are some jobs out there – amazing people have been hiring special needs adults and providing job training for a long time. However, Lincoln just does not have any interest in those jobs. So, seeing into this financial future looked bleak. But, parents don’t seem to look at things like other people – shout out to all the other parents out there! I looked at Lincoln and thought – what are his strengths? What are his likes? What are his talents?

I kept thinking isn’t there a way that Lincoln can contribute to society in a meaningful way? Isn’t there a way for him to be employed but in a way that is respectful of his needs – not forcing him to fit into a typical metaphorical employment box?

Well, guess what – as I mentioned earlier, Lincoln loves to draw all day in his pajamas – and he’s really good at it!

Knowing and loving an adult or child with a neurodiverse diagnosis makes imagining a better life very attainable. Hence, the birth of LINC-d.

LINC-d was created to provide meaningful employment for these adults. It was created to give them a platform to shine and create beautiful relationships with local businesses and communities. LINC-d was formed to be a part of a better financial future.

Here at LINC-d we know adults like Lincoln have a lot of joy and talent to share. The future of the artists at LINC-d looks bright, beautiful and meaningful. The possibilities are limitless.

Marisa Bentley
Founder, LINC-d LLC


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