Vaughn Featherstone

Meet Vaughn Featherstone.

Vaughn is 15 years old and from the time he could hold a pencil he has been drawing. He spends time drawing every. single. day. His drawings have ALWAYS been sea animals, dragons, aliens, and birds. Vaughn says he likes drawing because he can create anything that comes to his mind. He has always drawn sea animals, but when How to Train Your Dragon movies came out it sparked a new interest and he has made his own world of dragon species. “Dragons are amazing because they are all unique and have different designs.” He has taken art classes in school, but he always comes back to his core drawings.

Vaughn is a boy of few words, but to me, his drawings say a lot. He takes pride in them. Even though we have tons of his art around, he can spend hours drawing just to throw most of it away… not because he didn’t like his work, just because he just loves to draw. It calms him. When he was little, anywhere we would go we would have art supplies with us. If things got overwhelming for him, he would ask to go to another room to draw. We actually still do that depending on what our plans are or what event we are attending. Friends would have art supplies set up for us when we would be coming over just for him. He has more pens and colored pencils than I can count. He has stashes of paper all around the house. Art makes him happy and his art makes me happy.

Vaughn has high functioning autism. He has mainstreamed and is at a typical Jr High School with a few support classes and is receiving some services through the school. He participates in the skiing program with the National Ability Center and does track for the summer Special Olympics.


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